Quarantine Blog, Day Thirty-Seven

Tonight I’m watching something old.

Well, maybe not so old.


Summer through autumn.

The Old Town Playhouse production of Les Mis.

My first main-stage show there.

The first musical that my brother and I got to do together.

The show where I met Liam Curtis and Hunter Bell, who remain two of my closest friends.

A show that remains very dear to my heart.

I didn’t even remember that I had the DVDs. For both casts even.

So yes, Brett, I have you beating the hell out of Loren as Susan lies dead in the background.

Danielle, I have the one moment that you and Noah got to share on stage.

Hannah, I have you flirting with Hunter on stage.

Joel, I have our first stage interaction. Long before we were ever directing children’s theatre together.

I have my brother and I trying to rob both Dave and Brett.

And almost getting away with it.

We would have too, had it not been scripted otherwise!

Strange, nostalgic, and melancholic. Those are the words that came to me as I sit here, getting deeper into the couch.

I hope everyone from the show is doing alright.

I’d kill for a cast reunion right about now.

I’m not even sure if half of you would recognize me.

I hardly do.




Your favorite thief,


Micah Mabey

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