“Quiet Love” ~ Jack M. Senff

Friend of the Stars, Jack Senff, approached us with a desire to have us shoot and direct a music video for a song off of his then upcoming album, we jumped at the chance to do something so exciting amidst a pandemic.

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Harpe Star.

Featuring Schyler Binkely  & Charli Bradli (and our cat)

Summer of 2020 we approached The Little Fleet with an offer of our services in a time when the hospitality industry wasn’t doing too hot. So we drank, we shot, and we came up with this grungy little thing that we’re still very happy with.

The Little Fleet is a pillar in the Northern Michigan community and we wanted to help it continue to thrive.

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Harpe Star.

Music by Hunter Noll Bell. 

Familiar face Jack M. Senff, (see above) along with his team at the indie record label, Skeletal Lightning, approached us for something we hadn’t done up to that point – putting together a little “live-show” music set from our living room. Jack, as well as a few other artists, came together and put on an hour long show. (Though we only helped with Jacks part – check it here!)

2Lads Winery, in Northern Michigan. asked if we’d put together a series of five short ads that they could easily post on social media, and give to their “Wine Club Members” – so they could understand a little bit more about what goes into the wine-making process. 

You can find the rest of the videos on their YouTube page as well.