Founded in 2019 in Northern Michigan, with the ideas of curiosity and expressionism, Harpe Star is the digital playground of creative duo Kristen Lea Stewart and Micah Mabey. Through photography, videography, journalism, design, and whatever else catches their fancy, the two focus on quality worthwhile projects that align with what they believe in.
After becoming fast friends during the Old Town Playhouse production of The Who’s “Tommy” in Traverse City, Michigan, Kristen and Micah quickly realized their mutual fascination for all things weird and funky.

Harpe Star is featured in the Creative Coast Guide, and their work can be seen on the cover of the Northern Express, as well as in The Boardman Review. Through working with Parallel 45 Theatre, Downtown Traverse City, The Old Town Playhouse, and National Writers Series in their early years, the duo is excited to further themselves as artists in all things. 

Micah also claims that he can bake bread but no one has ever seen him do it. Kristen claims he can’t.