Welcome To Harpe Star

The digital playground from Kristen Lea Stewart and her team. Working out of every star and planet, but mostly Northern Michigan.

Founded in 2019 in Traverse City, Michigan, by Micah Mabey and Kristen Lea Stewart with the ideas of curiosity and expressionism, Harpe Star is the culmination of a shared love of theatre, photography, and all things groovy & outta this world.

Since then, Harpe Star has managed to carve a niche deep in the scene. Between being a part of teams that bring new theatre to Northern Michigan, continuing to photograph the world around them as only they see it, and still working day jobs on the side – there is no shortage of a busy calendar.


Cats in the new window


KICKING THE HARPE STAR HOME STUDIO UP A NOTCH, AND HAVING A GOOD TIME DOIN’ IT! Well, it only took six months, but we finally made progress on the renovation of our home studio! We finally have windows that can OPEN! If you remember – before the snow hit here in the winter-wonderland that is

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Creative Portrait

What’s Got Us Blogging Again // Harpe Star Studio D.I.Y

It’s been a little bit since maybe you’ve heard form us here! If you’ve been looking for new blog posts since the last one, I humbly offer you this little piece of cake as a thank you for waiting this long. Go ahead. Eat it. I promise it’s safe. In the meantime, for the rest

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