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We are Micah Mabey + Kristen Lea Stewart

We hail from the sometimes sunny sometimes snowy Northern Michigan! We couldn’t be more excited to be apart of the culture in such a beautiful wedding destination.

Our style for weddings is all about the fun! We love to make our clients feel right at home in front of the camera, and make sure we’re catching the most natural and happiest emotions of the day.

Wedding Party Portraits
Bridal Portrait
Wedding Party Portraits
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Getting Ready Photography Portrait

Though we love the portrait sessions that we offer, as those often offer the big and bombastic photos perfect for social media or to send to family, we also adore capturing the little in between times. The quiet moments. The moments that you’ll be so glad to look back on.

Wedding Table Layout Photography

A Little Slice Of The Stars

Short and Sweet
$ 1800 Starting At
  • 2 Photographers
  • Up to 4 hours of wedding day coverage
  • Approx. 400+ final edited images

The Perfect Day Package

Our middle tier wedding package
$ 2000 Starting at
  • 2 Photographers
  • Up to 6 hours of wedding day coverage
  • Approx 600+ final edited images

The All Out Wedding Package

Our top tier!
$ 2400 Starting At
  • 2 Photographers
  • Up to 8 hours of wedding day coverage
  • Approx 800+ final edited images

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