Quarantine Blog, Day Thirty-Two

Tonight I got drunk off of cheap gin, and expensive beer and watched Rian Johnson debut film Brick.

A 2005 neo-noir mystery film starring a younger Joseph Gordon-Levitt, after 3rd Rock From The Sun but before Dark Knight Rises.

The film stemmed from Johnson’s obsession with Dashiell Hammett’s old novels. Those classic hardboiled detective stories.

Script-wise it really made me excited for the future of my writing career. It’s not ground-breaking, and it’s entirely unrealistic, but it shows how much fun a writer can have with words if they just allow themselves to break norms and exist outside of reality.

“I’ve got knives in my eyes. I’m going home sick.”

That’d be one of my favorites. I might take it and just use it any time I’m tired. Just to get out of the things that I don’t want to do. After we’re allowed to cancel plans again, that is.

However, it’ll be quite a while before I’ll comfortably cancel anything once I can see the world again.

I’ll keep this one short, for your own sake.

I’m glad you’re here reading this.

Let’s hope that you’re well.

I’ll imagine that you are.

Reality says that you’re not.

We’re all a bit of a mess through this whole ordeal.

If you think you’re happy, then good. I’ll let you keep thinking that. It’ll be good for your health.




Micah Mabey

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