Quarantine Blog, Day Ninety-Seven

Where has your mind gone,

you ask yourself as you lie awake before the sun stars to rise again.

You think, maybe I need to pee.

You stop yourself, and move on. Thinking that you’ll hold it for later.

The cats will need feeding in an hour or two anyway.

Try to sleep for now, look out to the near dark of the bedroom.

You can make out the corner of the walls, the closet slid open, the chair with clothing neatly folded on its seat cushion.

Even though it’s already beginning to get light, you close your eyes again,

drift off,

and dream.

Only for a minute,

only as far as seeing the spray paint in your dreamlike hand;

just as you see the lights of the cop cars down the way.

A cat paw steps on your face. It’s 7:00 AM and now they’re hungry.

So you wake up.

Start coffee.


Go through the sun.




Micah Mabey

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