Quarantine Blog, Day 3

Today is another day.

I’m trying to remain calm, and not let my anxieties get the best of me.

Today is a good day.

It almost feels a little…ridiculous. To be writing this “blog,” or whatever. I guess it’s technically a blog but rarely do I see those anymore.

Neil Gaiman actually is who inspired me to start writing these little internet blurbs on my life. About six months ago I discovered that the author of Good Omens, had a blog. And it’s brilliant. It was only because the show of Good Omens was so gosh damn good. David Tennant…gosh. What a man. Gaiman considers his a journal, which makes sense for him. I’m not nearly as talented a writer as he is, so I don’t think I’ll be able to copy him on that part quite yet. I keep my own personal journal with pen and paper, after all. What I’m doing now is hopefully just entertainment and comfort for the public. And by the public, I mean the 45 people that are going to read this. And that’s a generous number.

Anyway, my fresh love for Neil Gaiman rant aside.

It’s a good day.

My pal Jack M. Senff released a new album of sorts today. It was something I’d heard a few weeks ago when I was working on my piece for the White Pine Press on him (which you can find, along with a backlog of my other journalistic work, at whitepinepresstc.com) and fell in love with. Today the rest of the world gets to hear it. And if there’s one thing that’s on my mind during this whole quarantine is that we should be sharing and working on art. I know that’s what has been keeping me afloat. Music, podcasts, comedians, movies, television, poetry, journalism. The whole gambit.

I’ve been trying to go on walks, to get outside. Headphones in. Taking in the world visually, but trying to not let the deafening silence get to me. Though it’d probably be good for me to just walk with my thoughts for a bit; intertwine my fingers with the fleeting memories that soar in and out of my head.

Let’s turn this bad into good. I’m not sure how yet. Maybe this is the time that we get to finally know ourselves, or our partners, or both. Maybe we finally create that thing we’ve always wanted to create. Finish reading that book. Watch that movie that you’ve always said you’ve seen that you’ve never actually seen. I have too many of that last one. I’m an artist after all. I’m supposed to know every piece of art and media that comes out, right? RIGHT?

Here’s to this day. Drink some coffee. But not too much. Write a little bit. Listen to some music. Get outside. Smile. Laugh. Remember the sun.

Micah Mabey

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