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Quarantine Blog, Day Sixteen

Five times three.

Today I partook in an online happy hour with my dear friends Tony and Lesley.

They were cooking chili.

Well, mostly Lesley was cooking the chili. Tony was drinking vodka with me through a video screen.

I had a few gin and tonics.

We caught up, talked about art, joked, laughed, and generally just had a good time.

Our happy hour turned into a happy two or so.

More than I could have asked for.

Especially since I had missed the initial call due to me washing dishes, and the water running too loud. It wasn’t until Kristen heard my phone buzzing over the water that I knew I was missing anything.

I’m glad that I called back.

After that call, and too many drinks, we started a set of Jackbox Games with a few friends.

That’s why this post is so late.

I was busy adjusting to getting to only see my friends on a phone screen, and drinking too much.

It was happy hour after all.

For parts of it.

And I was happy.




Micah Mabey

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