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Quarantine Blog, Day Fifteen

There are museums offering virtual tours through their exhibits.

Today I received a text from young Carson asking if I’d be interested in doing a walkthrough with him.

After waking up at noon for the first time through this whole quarantine, it felt like it should happen.

Like I owed myself to use this day better.

What better way than to experience something that I might never see anyway?

And pretend that I’m there; surrounded by others who are appreciating what I’m gazing upon.

We ended up going through most of the Egyptian section of The British Museum. Reading the info cards that Google Maps had to offer up. Trying our hands at making each other laugh with ridiculous accents and improper pronunciations.

Eventually, after finding my way to the Greek and Roman sculptures, I glitched through a wall and found myself outside in the lobby. Then through the giant doors to the street below. Eventually I found my way to 69 Marchmont Street, here there was a bookstore, local coffee, and a small philosophy studio.

Because of a wild click on my computer, I was able to explore the streets of London.

It wasn’t the same as being there, but reminded me of why I’ve always wanted to go.

Now, I sit on my couch with the 2004 play screen of a documentary called In The Realms of the Unreal, (The Mystery of Henry Darger) queued up for when I’m done writing. The story of a recluse artist. Ready to teach me more about the things that I don’t know.

I sit here with a freshly baked banana bread cooling on the counter; that I spent time making just before the museum.

And I’m beginning to find a stride again.




Micah Mabey

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