Quarantine Hat and Glasses

Quarantine Blog, Day Twenty-Three

There’s not much to be said about a day like today.

I spent most of sunup sitting at my desk, working on coursework.

Or sitting in the sunbeams reading the New Yorker.

There were a lot of distractions from my phone.

Text messages, Instagram messages, YouTube videos, news articles.

Countless notifications.

Never a bother; most even happy distractions.

But it all had me feeling like today was just one of those days.

The quarantine days that I don’t care for.

The ones where I want to just take a drive to Little Fleet, call some friends, and share some booze and laughter.

But I can’t do that quite yet.

Maybe soon.

One can hope.




I laid last night, drunk on my floor, and listened to two and a half albums from The National.

If that’s right on with my brand, I don’t know what is.

Micah Mabey

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