Quarantine Blues

Quarantine Blog, Day Twenty-Eight

Today I killed an hour cooking Smash Burgers.

I coated them in everything good.

Inspired by Glendale Ave’s video from Instagram, and reminded by the Boardman Review newsletter, volume four.

It was one of the best things that I’ve had the pleasure of stuffing down my throat since the start of this quarantine.

It only took a little bit to make, but it was fun through and through, and damn was it delicious.


In other news: I’ve felt the great substantial Nothing that I’ve been hearing so much about again.

I didn’t sleep much at all last night. My eyelids have been heavy;

thoughts have been scattered.

Bengals have been jumping rope through my imagination, and the light was dark coming in through the windows; clouded by an unfortunate reality.


Lately, I’ve been trying to stay more connected with my friends. It’s hard with the whole “don’t go near anyone or leave your house so much” thing.

But I had the pleasure of talking to both of my brothers for about half an hour each yesterday.

My friend Zane Feiger and I have been swapping pictures of food that we’ve been cooking.

I told my friend Lydia, who lives outside of St. Louis, that I had a dream where she and I hosted a late-night show that only aired at 4:00 in the morning. So maybe it was a morning show?

And of course, Hunter Bell and I have been talking about music, specifically The National.


Now, here I sit; writing this post. Not so much going on in my mind. Hence why this whole thing has just been me playing virtual keyboard Scrabble, while I try to not throw my computer out the window while screaming “AND STAY OUT,” and pretending it was a slice of bread and butter. (that’s a Matt Smith’s Doctor Who reference for you)

All in all. A successful, if not an entirely unassuming day.

I hope yours was well, too.




Micah Mabey

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