Quarantine Blog, Day Thirty-Four

It took me until today to realize that my voice has lost stamina.

I got to play my first game of Dungeons and Dragons with my friends of the quarantine.

We used Facebook chat.

Britton’s mic went out, Katie had technical difficulties, and I had to pee twice. Liam wrote a good session, none-the-less.

Most of the time my focus was elsewhere. (Sorry, Liam. It’s not your fault. It’s quarantine.)

But it was nice to be able to have something for my focus to slowly fade back to, and I’d chime in even if I had no idea what was going on.

I’ve missed that whole gang.

It was nice to kill two hours in a video call, with people all talking about the same thing, or minds wandering elsewhere and having a good time with that.

But by the time we were over, I just wanted to rest my vocal pipes and have a drink. (I got scotch.)

I’ve been doing some teaching still, but not doing two hours of talking during any of the lessons. None of those are even over an hour, and I have Melissa with me to handle half of the blow.

After all of this, once we can wander around the Great Public again, I’m curious what it’ll be like. Social media and video chatting has made it incredibly easy to keep in touch with everyone and anyone.

I’ve talked to some people during this quarantine that I hadn’t talked to in months, in some cases even years.

Will any of us even want to stay out late?

I’m curious if all of our social stamina will be in tact, or if it’ll have to be a slow rise.

Best bet is slow rise, for myself.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m not looking forward to seeing you all again.

I’m not dead yet.




Micah Mabey

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