Quarantine Blog, Day Thirty-Eight

Tonight there is no intermission.

There is no curtain bows.

The line from the concession stand isn’t being made a mess from spilled gin and liquor.

The Green Room isn’t splattered with crumbs, and the dressing rooms aren’t coated in any makeup.

There is no meet and greet where we all feel uncomfortable and try to hide in the corners.

There is no afterparty where we all get far too drunk and regret it when we have to perform the next evening, through body slog and nearly forgotten cues.

For tonight there is no intermission.


This one goes out to my cast of Chicago, right here in Traverse City.

At the theatre that I’ve called home since before I was even in high-school, even when I was living in cities and states far away.

The cast that’s still active on the Facebook page and Zoom meetings.

The Zoom meetings where we again, drink too much. And enjoy just being in each other’s company. Even though we can’t touch each other’s sweet sweet faces through our computer screens.

It’s a bit of a heart breaker. But we’re making due, and getting ready for our September opening.

Where we’ll certainly get too drunk after months of waiting for it.

I, for one, can’t wait.




Micah Mabey

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