Quarantine Blog, Day Forty-One

The Space One


Here we go.

*taps monitor*

Is thing thing on?

It’s me.



Uh. Mick Mantey.

I’m streaming to you from…somewhere?

I can’t tell.

I took a star.

Then a second. This one to the left. I could tell that much.

But somewhere past the fourth asteroid, I lost track of things.

There were some sort of rings on this planet that I slid on. It was hard to gain control from there.

I’m certain that I took a big circle and that we’ve crash-landed back on Earth, but it’s hard to tell where.

Another option is that…it isn’t Earth at all.

We could be stuck on an unknown planet far beyond our knowing.

Oh, shit. How rude of me. I’m here with B-19 , 95.

95, for sure.

He’s essentially my map through this whole thing.

I guess I should explain.

About forty-one days ago I crash-landed on some sort of planet.

I was on a mission.

I can’t tell you who for, but I can tell you that I need help.

My only transmission in through 95.

He’s acting as a sort of typewriter, along with the map.

I’m currently sat on some sort of rock formation, almost like a mountain; 95 at my side.

Speaking these words out loud.

The sun is setting.

To the West I can see water, shining gold.

To the East, the clouds are rolling in.

I’ve found a cave for tonight, and it doesn’t go too deep. There are no creepy crawlies for me to fight mid-night.

I’m sure that I’ll be okay.

Tomorrow will be another day here.

I’ll keep walking.

Maybe I’ll get the chance to walk through another village, and get some notes.

I was told I was going the right way to get to the city last time.

I’ve just gotta keep going.


This is Mick. Signing off.

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