Quarantine Blog, Day Forty-Three

It’s been raining all day.

Clear blue from the sky, as if the gods from every religion have been letting tears seep between their blood-stained fingers.

Their fingers that are scratching at their corneas as they try to block out the dying sun that is the entirety of humanity and our colossal f*ck ups, time after time.

Or maybe, it’s just rain.

Simple rain, like every other storm.

Simple rain makes simple days, after all.

The kind of day where I felt like I’d been asleep since I woke up.

Where effort became a dagger on the outline of my notebook pages.

That meaning it was difficult to get work done, in fact, difficult to even start any.

So I didn’t, outside of the time I spent fiddling around with my guitar strings as they made a melody on their own. Or the few lines that I managed to scribble out on the thin papyrus of my cold notebook.

I sat on the couch, with the blue and yellow, next to the giant window in the living room, sucked into my Nintendo Switch; specifically Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I know, I’m not raving about Animal Crossing today! What a wild time we must live in.

Zelda fits the rain really well, for some reason. It always has.

I remember when I first got the game while living in Grand Rapids, and how much time I dug into it on the rainy weekend days when Aaron and I didn’t want to go out and do anything, and I didn’t have a rehearsal to show up for.

No Tempest, no King Lear.

Just open-world Zelda.

It was a really great way to escape the rest of the bad news of daily living in America.

Bad News America.


That’s a fun sentence to type.

I hope there’s more sun tomorrow.

A walk sounds nice, with the morning dew and the birds chirping.




Micah Mabey

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