Quarantine Blog, Day Forty-Seven

How long do you think I can stare at this black cursor as it blinks repeatedly on my screen?

It seems that it’s a little longer than I like.

After all, it’s taken me thirty minutes at least to get these few lines out of my head at all.

To be fair, I have also been in deep focus of Silicon Valley. Season four. (I think I’m about to the season finale.)

It took me just a few episodes to be hooked into this show. After starting my watch back in January it’s been something that I go through a few episodes of every week.

Long live Anton.

(The episode just finished and I was near right. It wasn’t just “about” the season finale. It was the season finale.)

The premise and creation of Silicon Valley are top-notch, and the supporting cast (Kumail Nanjani, Martin Starr, T.J Miller, Zach Woods, and Josh Brener to name a few) are all incredibly fitting for the parts that they play.

But the star of the show, Thomas Middleditch, is what really has my heart.

I’ve been following his career for a while now. He’s been doing web-comedy since long before getting cast as Richard Hendrix on HBO’s Silicon Valley.

And just recently he and Ben Schwartz released their improv specials to Netflix.

Thomas might be one of the world’s perfect people.

Ben is up there too, but this is more about my boy Middleditch and his skill on screen and stage (not than Schwartz isn’t just as brilliant.)

Middleditch also manages an Improv Shakespeare company.

And I mean…come on.

Improv Shakespeare?

Why wouldn’t I adore that?

I think that’s where he really catches me.

And the fact that he’s able to do dramatic as well as comedy, improv on top of scripted work? The dude can even write. That’s just the kind of shit that makes me really respect an artist.

(Another update, I just finished the first episode of the new season. It was half an hour, if that tells you anything about how long it’s taking me to write this blog today…)

Anyway. I guess I’m not really saying anything anymore.

So here we find ourselves.

At the end of another day, and another blog.

I hope it didn’t disappoint.

It might’ve, and that’s okay?




Micah Mabey

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