Quarantine Blog, Day Forty-Six

I started writing a new script.

The opening scene has one of the few characters submerged in a bathtub in the middle of his backyard.

That was all that I really had in my mind as I began writing; that image.

The plan is to go page for page with a friend of mine. For that to happen though, I need to finish the first page. And have it be leading somewhere as to not lead my writing partner into a hole of absurdism that neither of us can escape.

Though, it’s not like I’m one to stray away from absurdism. I just think now isn’t quite the right time for those sorts of ideas.

Or maybe it’s the perfect time.

I’m just trying to think of what will be healthy for the ol’ brain box.

I told the one who’ll receive the page when it’s ready that it might be a quarantine play, after-all.

That’s why the bathtub is outside, I thought. The characters are just sick of having everything inside, cooped up by walls and shadows.

Though the idea also begs to maybe be nearer to post-apocalyptic, and less quarantine based. Who knows. I guess we’ll see after a few pages in if anyone can tell what’s even going on.


The sun has been out all day, and you can bet your ass that I’ve either been sat in my hammock or posted up by the water just enjoying the rays as they treat me kindly with little kisses, and maybe a burn on my forehead.

I don’t mind.

There was even a moment when I stopped by a friend’s house and stood outside, over six feet away. It was just for a moment to chat over something, but god seeing them made my whole week.

It was just nice to see a smile from a friend.




Micah Mabey

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