Quarantine Blog, Day Fifty-Two

I had the pleasure of seeing some good friends friends today.

Don’t worry, we kept quite a large space between us; as the social distancing dictates.

The few of us stopped by another friends house, keeping outside the whole time. On their front lawn they have a sign that reads “You are now entering the jurisdiction of The Ministry Of Silly Walks! Thou shalt commence silly walking immediately!!!!” So, naturally, that’s what we surprised the household members with. Tony called Brett to look out his window, and there I was. First in line, with everyone else hidden around the corner, behind a tree.

With crab and spider walks, long bird-like steps (see header photo), and a few graceful backward rolls, I managed to only lose my wallet out of my flannel pockets one time before reaching the end.

If you know the house, you should try it. Don’t worry, that sign will teach you what to do. You’re not going in blind.

If you’re lucky, someone might even throw eggs at you and yell “DANCE MONKEY, DANCE!” But I’m not naming any names.

Thank you to all the friends that helped us surprise the Nichols in their front yard by silly walking to the best of our ability. I’d hitchhike through a galaxy with any of you, any day.




Micah Mabey

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