Quarantine Blog, Day Seventy

I won’t use this platform to complain about the sun’s heat.

Her beautiful rays of light shine with such beauty that we can hardly comprehend it.

Though, I wouldn’t mind a large plot of shade during the mid-afternoon illumination that is beginning to happen every day.

Noon to four right now.

Those are the Hot Boy and Girl hours; where we’re all a little too sweaty if we stay outside long enough.

My hammock becomes a hot net of me sweat if I stay in there all afternoon.

And I get a sunburn on some part of my body, maybe more than one, if I decide to endure it.

But god, I’ll take this heat over not being able to stand the cold that we had at the beginning of quarantine.

It’s made living through this that much easier.

Now the morning coffee is spent swinging in the sky.

And an evening drink brings me that much closer to the clouds and I hang high in the trees.

So no, I won’t use the blog to complain.

But you can know that somewhere, deep in my psyche, there’s part of me that wants to sit on the floor in front of a cool fan all spring and summer long in short shorts and a tanktop, with a cap on to protect my eyes from blinding themselves.




Micah Mabey

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