Quarantine Blog, Day Seventy-Two Part Two

There’s something to say about having some potted little plant children sitting around your space.

Something to give your attention to while you don’t have the great Public to keep you entertained. Inside in the safety of your home, keeping you company on even these rainy days that cloud your vision, are those small green beauties.

Right now, we’ve got eight sitting in the living room, and three in the bathroom. As well as a nice basil plant in the kitchen.

We’ve even got some tomatoes growing in a planter in the back yard, and lavender up on the hill.

Most of them are small right now but still, take patient care.

There are days where I let the indoor ones outside of the house for fresh sun straight from the sky, instead of just partially through the windows.

Those are my favorite times to water those small children of mine. It makes it so that I don’t have to clean up the water that I spill on the shelves. There aren’t any shelves to spill on.

Just grass and dirt.




Micah Mabey

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