Quarantine screaming

Quarantine Blog, Day 7?

I feel like I got a lot done today.

But then I look back at the last twelve or so hours since I’ve woken up and I realize how…little I did compared to how much I could have done.

With near unlimited time on my hands at this point (including the time that I should spend sleeping that I usually spend just staring at the ceiling in the darkness, or breathing too warmly into my pillows to the point that I start getting moisture on my face) you’d think that I’d have figured out a way to cease the endless blabbering that goes on in my head about stringing together the perfect sentence or writing the next hit Shakespeare play. But no. I’m still just watching GLOW, old Saturday Night Live episodes, and figuring out what on earth I’m going to do with myself.

Had I used all of my time properly today, I could have been a month ahead in my school work. I could have mapped out the rest of the plot points for the play that I’m writing. I could have deep cleaned the entire house. I could have done a number of things. But…I only did a little bit of…everything? I did a few things subpar.

Even now, I hardly know what to write in this thing that I’ve got all to my own. Just a blank page for my own ideas. Still, I struggle and what not.

I ordered out from Rare Bird today. I ate too many nachos and drank too much beer, and saw a friend of mine in a bright blue hat. It reminded me of when I used to do that (the eating and drinking) but in public.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Marc Maron’s career lately. Nothing specific, really. Just the entirely of it. His recent standup special End Times Fun brought a lot of light into these dark times, fun! So go ahead and watch that.

I wish I had more to say today. I think I spent most of my writing power on some school projects.

I’ll be back on my game tomorrow. I hope.

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