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Quarantine Blog, Day 8

I’ve got two arms, two legs, two eyes that can’t see so well, and a shirt that I’ve sweat through from a simple walk outside.

Today I went for a run around 9:30 in the morning, too. I was out for about an hour, listening to an episode of WTF with Marc Maron where he interviewed Dan Aykroyd, and really, truly just enjoying the fresh air, and thinking about what it would be like if I were living in an old rocket ship that I had repurposed after it went kaputt on the launch pad. It set my morning off with elegance and bliss, and the rest of the day seemed to follow suit.

I spent a good long while trying to catch up on the school work that I’ve been, oh, so distractedly ignoring while the sun is up…and down.

There’s a book called Maid that I’ve been reading for my Sociology class, written by Stephanie Land; the true story of the writer who, once a maid that worked for minimum wage, also tries to hold her own as a single mother. All while wanting to make it as a writer and still get through school.

Within the first few pages a few weeks back, I was already in love with the way that Land crafted her story; a story that is rarely told.

With Maid, on top of other school assignments, you’d think I’d be keeping myself busy. But, instead, I just finished up what’s released of GLOW, finished the first season of Schitt’s Creek, and listened to more music than I can name. All while scrolling through social media and playing even more Animal Crossing, and live-streaming on Instagram (@micahmabey).

I’ve decided that if I can convince myself to catch up on my school work and stay up to date, I’m going to start digging more into the things that have made me happy in the past. I want to get back into writing for my personal reasons. I want to get back into reading plays for fun. I want to…clean my room…

So. After now, this first week of writing this blog; this first week of quarantine. I’m trying to get back into a routine. Even if it’s not the routine that I want to be in.

Some of my friends have reached out to me and asked how they should go about starting their own blog of one sort or another. My only piece of advice is to just start writing. It doesn’t even have to be a blog right off that bat. Just write to write. Figure out the rest after that. Or whatever.

Give me a call if you’ve got my number. We could all use a little more human connection.

Oh! I also took a walk with a cat today.

Micah Mabey

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