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Quarantine Blog, Day Nine

Nine days of typing it out, and I still can’t spell “Quarantine” right on the first try. I always want to add an “I” where there absolutely isn’t an “I” to be added.

So that’s today’s struggle.

And if that’s as bad as it gets, I’ll be content.

I found a hill during my morning run today. I hiked up it in my flimsy running shoes, kicking branches on my way up, and tripping on fallen trees.

It took my breath away as I climbed. I hadn’t done that sort of strenuous activity to my body in what feels like a month, but really it’s only been two or so weeks. Running and yoga is one thing, but climbing a steep hill is another entirely. It uses different muscles. The muscles that are glad to be used.

When I reached the top, the hill plateaued into what looked like a ring. The sort of ring where gladiators would battle or apocalyptic survivors would fight off hordes of wolves and zombies. It was a place of last stand. Without the stress of being chased by monsters, it was peaceful.

I walked that circle and found my thoughts roaming to when I was a kid; seven or eight.

When my family would go to the shitty beach near our old metro-Detroit home.

It was, what my child’s sized brain thought it saw, surrounded by woods. It would stretch further than any other woods.

I remember burying my childhood dog in those woods; a long time ago.

I’ve been remembering a lot of things lately.

I’ve got the time.


If you’re local to Traverse City, check out Rose and Fern for brunch. They’re offering 50% off for industry workers, and 60% off if you lost your job. It also happens to be some of the best food in town. Becky, the owner, puts a smile on my face every time I get the gift of seeing her.

If you’re looking for something to fill your time, and you’re into the fantasy genre, check out Hello From The Magic Tavern. It’s a podcast that I’ve been listening to for almost two years now, on and off, and I absolutely adore it. I’ve been firing through episodes this past week or so.

I’ll try to keep throwing out things that have been keeping me sane.

I hope that you’re still reading.

Micah Mabey

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