Quarantine Lamps

Quarantine Blog, Day Fourteen

It’s been two weeks today.

Two weeks since this whole thing began for me.

It’s starting to truly normalize.

Grocery runs are scare, and I’m careful to wash my hands and use hand sanitizer as often as needed.

It would be spring break from college for me.

I guess it still technically is, but it doesn’t quite feel like that.

The plan is to still work on catching up on my classes with this “downtime.”

What would I do with myself if I didn’t?

I’m already going stir crazy.

But! I’m looking on the bright side.

With all of this time, it makes it that much easier to get personal artistic projects done.

I worked on a video audition today that turned out shitty, did a mini-photo shoot, had a phone interview, and managed to even get some other types of personal writing done outside of this blog.

And that’s not much, but it’s something.

I think my biggest fear is just wasting all of this time.

I might’ve said that before.

But it still stands true.

I sent a text to my friend Carson today while I was doing some painting.

Explaining how the motivation isn’t there for most of this.

It comes and goes.

Ebbs and flows.

Is gone more often than it’s there.

He understood.

But still, I want to build the beautiful cities that are inside of my mind.

With whatever architecture those cities want to be built.




Micah Mabey

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