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Quarantine Blog, Day Twenty-Five

Twenty-five days in.

What have we learned in twenty-five days?

We’ve learned that without social interaction, Micah (that’s me) goes a little stir-crazy.

But let’s be honest. At any point in any day since the dawn of time, I’ve been at least a little stir-crazy. Maybe it’s just that I’m always feeling a little restricted by my own self, yadda yadda, heady nonsense about nothing, etc.

Today isn’t a day for being somber! It’s day five x five!

It’s a Friday! I’ve gotten a lot done this week. I started writing an essay for one of my classes BEFORE the day it was due, which is huge for me. I caught up on most of my other course work as well and overall felt myself being pulled toward productivity; even as the clouds were grey and my bed called me by name.

I’ve spent a lot of this week catching up with friends. Some in the same town as me, some out in New York City, and come down in Detroit and far in Portland, Oregon. It’s been nice to just catch up a little bit. Check-in with friends that I haven’t thought to check in on since this whole thing has started. It’s a little strange every now and then, to remember that there’s a world outside of this house that I live in. Even with social media reminding me every few hours.

I think part of it is that I’ve been trying to cut back on that part of my world. It’s how I talk to some of my friends, but I’ve stopped scrolling so much. No one has much to say, I’ve been finding. Hell, sometimes I don’t even have much to say. Me. How strange is that? To find me occasionally speechless. And not due to lack of thoughts. Just due to lack of desire.

I wouldn’t stand for it if I were you.

Make me talk, damn it!

Okay! I’ll tell you where the treasure is, just chill out man!


I hope that you’re doing well.

All of you.

Whoever is reading this.

I think I’ll start suggesting music to listen to at the bottom of these blogs.

I had an album there yesterday.

Check the music out. I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t care for it.

Expand your horizons by taking my sunlight.

Go for it.

See how the warmth treats you.




Micah Mabey


here’s a playlist that one of my closet friends made for me.

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