Quarantine Blog, Day Fifty-Five

I had a little update conversation with a friend today.

He’s been around for a while now, since senior year of high school, really.

We’d kind of known each other before that, but just in passing.

He and I actually double-dated our way through our senior Prom with our at-the-time girlfriends.

Dinner at Gorgenias, pictures at his family’s house. The whole thing. It was my first time like doing the high school dance thing how you’re supposed to do it.

It was fun, but that’s not the story I meant to be telling.

More importantly, he asked me what I’d been filling my time within quarantine.

I thought for a moment before responding.

My initial thought was “well, not shit really.”

But then the second thought came.

I’ve really been filling my time best that I can, given the circumstances.

There’s writing going on from my hands every single day in the blog and most days also in my notebook a little bit too. When I’m lucky, I even get something good out.

The televisions around me are finally getting to watch shows that I’ve been meaning to play on them or didn’t know that I needed to give them screen time (namely Vice and Newsroom on that second point, and soon to be West Wing (I’m on a bit of a Sorkin kick, I guess)).

The New Yorkers aren’t going as unread as they usually go.

And I’m re-discovering a big part of me from my younger years, playing way too many video games. Back when Noah, Hunter, and I would play Borderlands 2 way too far into the night that it would cease to be night and the sun would shine again. It’s mostly been Zelda and Animal Crossing these days, as I’m sure you’ve read about by now if you’ve been keeping up. But I also just bought Minecraft on my Switch, so we’ll see what happens.

So, really. I can’t say “not shit.” Because I’ve been up to a lot. I still miss my friends and restaurants, and GOD do I miss the theatre, but I’m managing.

And when I get out of this thing I’m going to give you all the show of your life.





Micah Mabey

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