Quarantine Blog, Day Fifty-Six

I’m finally reading my first Neil Gaiman book that isn’t Coraline.

I’ve read a few of his short stories before, and I’ve been watching his MasterClass this past week and a half. Of course, I’ve been reading his blog for the past few months too.

Since I’m technically on “summer break” from college, I have that much more time to fill. Figured I’d fill it with more classes. Not like I have much else going on.

The MasterClass is what inspired me to get around to reading Neverwhere, Gaiman’s book about the London above; and a second London of monsters and saints, murderers and angels that exist entirely in a subterranean labyrinth.

I’m astounded that it took me this long to read it. It’s already bringing me to the places that grabbed my attention in fiction when I was just starting to read a lot when I was a young boy.

The second chapter just passed me by, so I’m not that far yet, but the way Gaiman writes has me excited to keep getting deeper.

There’s no doubt that it feels like I’m getting an actual master class in writing from Neil himself. Between reading his work, and taking notes during his online courses, I’m getting a lot of great exposure to solid work.

That’s kind of the point. I think.




Micah Mabey

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