Quarantine Blog, Day Sixty-Three

Andrew Garfield has a monologue about an hour and forty minutes into Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network, from 2010.

Where he spits in the face of Jesse Eisenberg and the entirety of his version of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook infrastructure that’s been build while his character Eduardo is away in New York City.

If you’ve seen the film, then you know the monologue that I’m talking about. Where Garfield tells Eisenberg’s Zuckerberg to lawyer up, after being dressed for either a party of a business meeting.

Though, I guess I can’t say it’s a monologue. It’s dialogue. Justin Timberlake’s Sean Parker (founder of Napster, though let’s be honest. Most of us know him better as the guy from the Facebook movie,) interrupts him every now and then with dialogue that makes him sound even more like an asshole.

It seems that what I’m trying to say is going to be lost through all of this fancy wordage that I’m trying to use today.

What I really want to say is that this 2010 release (that I saw for the first time around 2013 or so) is what made me fall in love with Andrew Garfield.

I guess it’s what started my kick for Sorkin dialogue too.




Micah Mabey

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