Quarantine Blog, Day Sixty-Four

Today I sat on the sun and it held my hand,

imagining my surface,

telling me not to leave.

The Earth below me asked me not to go up.

Not to grow up.

Both wanted to put scars on my feet.

They didn’t mean to.

It was just the sorry accidents from the unhappy attention of each.


I sat in my hammock today, strung between two trees in my backyard; just before the opening to the woods. The ropes kept going higher and higher up the trees, allowing my feet to dangle further and further away from the ground. By then end of the rise, the drop to the ground was as tall as I was and more.

Only for a few hours, midday, was it too hot in the sun to stay put. And my eyes had been subject to too much light at once to be any kind of happy.

Only for those few moments did I stray from that spot. Just to bake a batch of banana bread muffins. And play the game Don’t Starve Together for a little bit while we sat on the couch using Kristen’s Playstation 4.

All in all, it was one of the better days.




Micah Mabey

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