Quarantine Blog, Day Sixty-Five

What do you think that I should write about today,

the sun asked to the stars,

And the stars said back,

just me, I’m here,

and there’s no point to worry more.

The sun said – no,

for you’re far too familiar,

we talk all day and night and there’s nothing new to you.

The stars said – how could you,

I’ve so much more to offer.

And the sun laughed and asked what makes the stars so special.

As he looked out into his entire kingdom below.

All of the planets that beg him to serve.

The stars thought for a moment, and they began to glow.

The sun had seen this before and was not impressed.

The moon and the comets, well they do this every night.

What else do you have, ask the big orange light.

Well, I do have this other trick,

the stars said to the sun.

Where I make art in the space in between the bright.

And what are those shape, the sun asked the stars.

They are for the beings, on the Earth to gaze on,

And when they are not, I remain, with life in the heart.



Micah Mabey

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