Quarantine Blog, Day Sixty-Seven

There are a few things that I miss more than others.

Dancing to songs that I didn’t know, in crowded side street concert venues, while everyone around was just half dressed humming along and spilling beer.

Watching credits roll as the lights go up in the theatre that had been dark for the last two hours, with my chin in my palms trying to process everything that played out in front of me on the silver screen.

Applauding the actors that just poured their hearts and minds out onto a stage throughout two acts, as they finally get to the bows that they deserved since the opening scene.

Leaving a place where everyone in the room experienced the same thing that I just had, with certainly a different view on it.

And I miss being able to have lobby talk about it.




Micah Mabey

Here’s a cute lil thing to watch. It’s what I wrote this lil here piece to. Enjoy.

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