Quarantine Blog, Day Sixty-Eight

It’s been maybe the most exciting weekend since the start of the self-isolating project that most of us have been working on.

It was about time I got off the couch and further than the woods surrounding the house.



I got to spend the morning and afternoon volunteering downtown at the Sarah Hardy Farmers Market with a lot of familiar faces; as well as new eyes that became fast friends (for you can only see the eyes behind the masks).

I’d run orders through the produce tents, bakery station Birdhouse, and truck full of meats and cheeses, then run back to check the plants section. I wish I could tell you how many orders I filled. No one was keeping track. We just wanted to do good work.

It made an 8:00 to 3:00 breeze by.

Though, it was hard to not just pass out after getting home.


Sunday (Hey, that’s today!)

Kristen and I had our first shoot since this all went down.

It was for a frequent collaborator of ours, and a close friend.

He was holding a dog parade in honor of his daughters birthday. I know, cute right?

The daughter led the friends and strangers of her and her parents around the block on her scooter, bushels of balloons beckoning dog-walkers of the new age to follow on foot with dogs chasing each other on leash.

It was a beautiful sort of things that felt important to capture via camera.

Little Fleet was open for pickup too, so we decided to treat ourselves afterward.

A gift to our tongues after breathing mask air for the last two hours.




Micah Mabey

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