Quarantine Blog, Day Seventy-Four

God, what do I even say today.

After everything that’s been going on.

What could I say that hasn’t been said by people more intelligent than me.

By people more well-versed than I am.

People that have more right to talk about it than I do.

I’m twenty-one, working on a college degree, living in the middle-class, still able to enjoy the luxuries that have been afforded to me by the color on my skin.

Especially living in Northern Michigan.

It’s hard to feel like I can help.

But I can.

And you can.

By being a spokesperson of the movement.

Spreading the word of the mission, and putting a stop to bigotry.

What is there to say?

We’ve got a whole lot.

We won’t take your casual racism anymore.

We won’t take white people sitting back and just letting it happen.

We won’t watch from the sidelines.

We will act when we see the misuse of power.

We will fight against injustice.

And if you won’t, you’re a part of the problem.




Micah Mabey

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