Quarantine Feels

Quarantine Blog, Day Eleven

Today it feels like I have nothing to write.

My mind is growing tired.

It wasn’t a bad day.

Not by a long shot.

I listened to the radio.

NPR had a story in honor of Stephen Sondheim’s ninetieth birthday.

An interview from 2010.

For his eightieth birthday.

I took notes on his thoughts for later use.

I went on a hike through the woods.

Over on Vasa Pathway.

With mud and snow still left over from the winter.

I started and finished Elevation.

By Stephen King,

While sitting outside against a concrete slab of a wall.

I took an exam, I read required reading for my courses, I tried to stay up to date on my schedule.

But today I don’t have much else to write.

Nothing that seems like it wouldn’t be forced.

This feels easy to write.

Saying that I have nothing to write.

Isn’t that strange?




Micah Mabey

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