Quarantine Blog, Day Seventy-Nine

You think things are going back to normal.

You wake up and brush your teeth. 

Take a shower.

Start coffee. 

Then sit on your couch.

Get on your phone.

Scroll through Twitter.

Post by post,

And remember in horror that everything is shit.

You remember that you’re neck hurts from the nights sleep.

You remember that you have dirt on your feet.

You remember that your nose is stuffed, and your hair needs washing.

You remember that there’s blood on the streets.

And people in jail, unjustly.

You remember that your brother got arrested for protesting.

You remember that you’re one hundred miles away from the closest protest you can take part in.

You get mad at yourself for thinking that you can’t be doing more.

You’re scared because you don’t know what to do.

You’re scared that your voice doesn’t matter.

And that’s good.

You should be scared.

You should be mad at yourself, and force yourself to do more. Be louder.

There’s more to learn.

There’s more to say.

And you should be learning it. 

And you should be saying it.

Be always ready to fight how you can.

Drink your coffee.

Vote. Write. Read. Learn. Keep going.

We’re not done.




Micah Mabey

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