Quarantine Blog, Day Eighty

Everything that you’re about to read is directly from U.S. Press Freedom Tracker @uspresstracker


*300+ total press freedom incidents* 49+ arrests 192 assaults (160 by police) 42 equipment/newsroom damage Assault category breakdown: 69 physical attacks (43 by cops) 43 tear gassings 24 pepper sprayings 77 rubber bullets/projectiles

The 300 press freedom violations during the #GeorgeFloyd protests, broken down by location: Total states with reported violations: 33 Total cities: 59 Top cities: Minneapolis (61) Washington, D.C. (24) Los Angeles (17) New York City (16) Denver (11) Louisville (10) Detroit (10)

100 of these press freedom incidents happened on Saturday alone.

For those asking, you can donate to support the @USPressTracker here: Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Our small team has been working around the clock. Your support can help bolster our work documenting the unprecedented amount of press freedom violations occurring daily.”


There are serious flaws in the system. Flaws that we need to be worked on within the very system itself. Flaws that we simply cannot fix single-handedly.

All we can do it educate ourselves and those around us.

So go ahead and do it.




Micah Mabey

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