Quarantine Blog, Day Eighty-One

I’d like to make this platform one that we can share.

There is not a widespread reach here.

It’s mostly not escaped my own circle. My own community.

But I know that if we keep up the work that we’re doing here, it has the capability.

If you can get me in touch with people who don’t often get their voices heard, but deserve the attention, please do.

Today I was inspired by a protest in my small town of Traverse City.

A young boy told the story of how he was harassed by the police when he was twelve years old.

He wrote a piece on his phone and read it out loud to the uncounted number of faces in the field.

I want to be able to give him a platform to put that piece, because god damn it, it was beautiful.

It was raw and powerful, and true. But mostly heartbreaking.

And that’s what we need to hear more of.

We don’t need more of me.

I’ve said most of what I can.

I’ll continue to spread the word to you all, to the best of my ability.

But it’s time that I work harder to give my space to those that can use it better than I can.

If you can help me, please do.

If not, stay tuned.




Micah Mabey

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