Quarantine Blog, Day Eighty-Nine

Welcome To Another Exciting Episode of Today On The Internet.

On today’s episode, we meet a man on Facebook.

He’s about six feet tall, totally balding, and loves baseball.

Oh, also he doesn’t believe that systemic racism exists.

In case you think that it’s over; there are still people saying “all lives matter,” and “if you think black people are still oppressed in America today, you are the problem,” as the guest on today’s episode said.

With an air of genuine intent, there was a complete stranger that I interacted with online today who had the gull, the gusto, the pure bigoted nature to firmly believe that when segregation ended, so did oppression in America.

And honestly? This astounded me into the next dimension.

With every march, protest, and demonstration that’s going on all across the world over the last two weeks; over the last hundred years, to even have the slightest idea that maybe there isn’t a problem in the United States, is pure ludicrous.

If you believe this? Read a god damn book.

Seriously. Any book that isn’t written by a straight, white, upperclass republican male.

You’ll find out a lot about the world by not being an illiterate prick.

To have the audacity to say that ‘oppression is over’ for black people in America, really, truly just flabbergasts me at how little a person could know about the world.

I pity anybody with this philosophy about our country. We are not a utopia.

We’re a powder-keg mid-explosion burning our cities to the dust that we deserve to see.




Micah Mabey

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